This is an introduction to the law of attraction and this blog as a whole. Throughout this blog I will be aiming to analyse the law of attraction in a simplistic form and show how it impacts our daily life either if we choose to see it or not. I will first be analysing the nature of personal human consciousness as a whole and show how our thought patterns, habits and interest are a prime role to our relationships and status and how sometimes they can get in the way of who you truly desire to be.

The reason this blog is called “Thelemic Attraction”, instead of simply “The Law of Attraction” is due to the fact that I will be analysing ways in which you can get whatever you want from life and become the person you deserve to be by gaining a better understanding of the law and Thelima (your true will). I understand that this alone is a controversial topic but don’t let that stop you from further analysing yourself and your relations with the outside world.

Although some topics may be hard to comprehend at first, I will try to make things easier by including diagrams and examples for a better understanding.

I will try to upload reguraly in order to keep this blog moving forward.

One thing I want to make clear is that this is NOT based on any belief system and that these manifestations can be easily explained. I will not pursue to explain anything through the use of spiritualism or any other sort of extraordinary ideals. This is simply a way to understand The law of attraction through a philosophical view point and clearly see how it can be used.

You are welcome to sign up for e-mail notifications in order to follow along this journey towards knowledge and self reflection.

-Amphibious Thoughts



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