Personal Consciousness

In order to begin analysing the processes and and thought patterns of our mind we must first understand the three different forms of consciousness which is present in the Personal Consciousness realm.

There are three different manifestations of brain activity that take place during the phenomena of consciousness.

frontallobesFirstly we have the Conscious Mind, it can simply be looked at as the present awareness and focus on day to day things such as the awareness towards your current environment, “feeling” the tension between you and your chair, and your attention towards breathing. Neurologists have determined that this process takes place in the Frontal Lobe.

Secondly is the Subconscious Mind, which is sometimes mistaken for the Unconscious Mind; is the active process or remembering (gathering) information from the past, but as opposed to the unconscious mind, the subconscious contains information which can be accessed in forms of direct focus as differentiating from spontaneous ideas. These two get mixed up often due to the manifestation of ideas and information from the unconscious which can spontaneously arrive in your direct focus of conscious mind as a direct affect of a trigger. This makes it seem as though you have thought about these ideas yourself as opposed to the fact that these ideas were actually caused by your environment. These are thoughts such as suppressed childhood memories which you haven’t thought about in decades coming into focus, or ideas spontaneously arriving while in a creative state of mind.

The Unconscious Mind, which may sound to some as the “dormant” or an inactive scope of your overall Consciousness, is actually the place where most activity takes places without being observed by your conscious self. Besides our basic instincts I would argue that the unconscious process is greater then even our conscious focus of attention and choices we make in life.

How is that possible?

You do not have to think about or even worry about creating new blood cells, distributing oxygen to all your working muscles etc… You don’t even have to think about breathing or blinking for large portions of your day. Some may even argue that our ideas arrive from the unconscious level and we don’t actually have control of our actions, which makes free will simply sound as an illusion; we’ll get deeper into the Free Will topics later on.

So what does this have to do with the Law of Attraction or Thelima?

In order to use the law consciously and change your daily habits or thought patterns to a more positive direction you must first learn how consciousness works and how much of your thought process you can actually change with conscious will and attention and how much is strongly dependent on your habits and environmental interaction with things and people. As you may have already guessed the most reliable way to change your mind set is to change your environment and daily habits to more productive and positive ones. This lets you relieve yourself from many past habits and allows for the redefining of patterns and daily activities.

Well those are the basics for personal consciousness, more detail and ways of approaching it in relation to the Law of Attraction will shortly follow. If you enjoyed the content thus far, feel free to subscribe or follow.

– Amphibious Thoughts



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