The Delusion of Our Senses

As we all have realized since a young age, we perceive the world around us through our five senses which let us be aware of things such as sound, taste, touch, smell, and sight. But what many people don’t realize is that although it may seem we can have a complete understanding o the world through their use, we are slowly discovering that there are more things going on around us which our senses are not aware to but we still use in our daily life. Over the years we have built tools which help us notice and interact with several things outside our realm of sense. These are things such as radio waves, WiFi signals and many more.

Our senses have done a descent job helping us hunt, and gather food and ultimately survive in dangerous and lethal environments. But the fact that our senses fail should not be taken out of consideration when analyzing our view of the world. Optical illusions for instance is a phenomena where our senses fail to determine the things which are directly in front of us and give us a different or completely wrong perception.


Although this may seem as a down side at first, through this phenomena we can concur that our “correct” interpenetration of the world around us is dependent first hand by the ability of our senses. Further more we can also determine that in a way we create our own reality in our minds. Therefore our true interpretation of the world around depends purely on our ability to decode the information our senses bring forward. And surprisingly illusions are the least of our worries , as we have developed and learned to analyze the relationships around us, a wrong interpretation of someone’s feelings or reaction could potentially cause delusional ideas in our minds.

So can we depend on our senses to fully understand the world?

No, but that also does not mean that we should discard all information we gather through our senses, this just simply means that we should keep in mind when analyzing information we should always be aware to the ability of our senses to fool us.

At the same time, knowing the concept of this pehnomena, we can deduct that our everyday reality is purely based on our perception of the world as opposed as the world being one constant act of reality. Or as Wayne Dyer puts it “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” And so we have to be careful as to what we focus our attention or awareness to, as it is our perception of reality which we truly change.

-Amphibious Thoughts







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