What if I told you that your current reality is dependent first hand by your current awareness?

In order to fully analyze this concept we must first determine what our awareness is. Whenever I refer to awareness I am not referring to “focus”, the difference between focus and awareness may seem subtle but as you will see it is very crucial to our understanding of our perception of reality.

Focus is defined as our direct attention to something such as an object in your field of view.

Awareness however is your peripheral attention which you do not have to be consciously focused on in order to notice.


This concept can be easily understood when analyzing it through our perception of sight. But that’s not what I will be focusing on in this post, this same phenomena which can be analyzed through sight can be found in all our senses, such as the way we “block out” certain background noises; even though they are still there we ignore them.

This same phenomena can be found when analyzing our thought process and what thought we choose to focus on. For example: if we are in a place in our lives where we are not happy with the way things are going, or if you constantly worry about your problems, you may feel obligated to focus on negative thoughts and perceive yourself through a negative mindset.

Although you consciously or subconsciously focus on the negative aspect of your life, you should always be aware that you are not forced to think that way. You have the choice to change your perspective on life.

With this in mind, I want you to try and see both sides of a situation and project your attention on more a positive view. This can sometimes be hard to do especially if deeply you desire to suffer or worry, but we’ll get to that point some other time.

-Amphibious Thoughts


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