Borrowed Mournings

Noiseless ashes drip down from the borrowed mornings as we sit by the fireside mourning the borrowed love we never truly had.

Getting warmer now I realize that even though the fire may be hot it was you which kept me warm, and even though the fire spills its last breath I can still feel the sun’s holy apparition on my wicked skin.

The great ball of fire now rises as we sit and watch the sky luminate from the ashes of the night now flowing about as scentless solidary echoes of yesterday.

The day has just begun, but like any other it arises with the incentive to fade away once again. I’m okay with that, having it any other way would dehydrated my words to a point where the rain would engulf my wretched thoughts down the stream of solitude.

You lay now next to me, as quiet as a ghost but your breath speaks otherwise as it rises and falls, not by your command but by the holy nature of the universe. There is something extraordinary about the way in which you breathe without being fully immersed in such a life giving ordeal. It’s as if living is as easy as waking up from an eternal peaceful slumber filled with anything but dreams.

My eyes grow heavier now, and the thought of endless sleep creeps silently into the crevice of my mind, as if to tempt the idea that I won’t see you again.

But I know that just as the waves disappear into the ocean with no incentive to return except the ordeals of yesterdays, you fade away into your dreams. And I know you will return for if you don’t, the sky has not purpose to light up this holy rock, and I should go blind only to feel its warmth and think it’s you.

I fall away into the solitary dreams which now seem as real as today, and I can’t help but be disturbed by an echo of a voice laughing as the sun beams down on my eyes, and as the universe reveals itself once again and my eyes open, I see you. Standing there just playing with the fire now erupting higher than ever before and the warmth is so unbarring, I know for a fact it’s coming from you.

I’m okay with this its only nature, and you, you are the sun.


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