The Sithis Journals, entry #1

Its 3 am, the intoxicated moon clings to the night sky as I try to keep this fire from chocking its last breath. It has been twenty years ever since the machines came down from the heavens and eradicated what was left of humanity. The grasslands have become a wasteland overpopulated with cockroaches, dust dwellers and hopeless solitude. I haven’t seen a friendly face ever since the atoms split over the horizon and engulfed the atmosphere with the toxic smoke choking every creature in sight.

Whatever was left of organized social institutions eradicated as soon as people saw no value in cooperation, now stab wounds reek of trust as food and medicine became the God of humanity. Whoever was cursed to poses these in abundance was either raided by the hell hounds or became a psychopathic leader of some sort of cult surrounding slavery and murder.

I am Sithis, the last member of the Socratic Order; a group of like minded people devoting their survival for the conservation of knowledge. Trying to collect books was a suicide mission, and so we decided to abandon our old ways and devoted to collecting knowledge by raiding abandoned servers filled with ghastly amount of data. Our society was mostly composed of avid bookworms, transcribers, and hackers. They sacrificed themselves for a chance to get back at this apocalyptic shit hole, now it’s up to me to restore the Socratic Order and build a place where we can teach people of the old world, and create an empire Plato would dream of.

With most forms of technology now rotting under the toxic fields of the wasteland, whoever managed to manipulate whatever was left of it could get a better chance of survival. That’s where I come in, I am the anonymous hacker known for taking down the defenses of the pentagon and exposing the spyware used to control the youth of our society. But that war is over now and my sacrifices seem like meaningless slurs now that the machines have taken over.

They came out of nowhere lighting up the skies, and killing everyone in sight. The machines… robotic death ghouls spreading fear and terror wherever they roam. You can hear their brain tearing screeches from miles away; no need for stealth when they can scorch your bones in a matter of seconds with concentrated rays turning oxygen inside out.

I sit here, eyes slowly shutting as my will for sleep increases and my survival instincts fall away into the night. This is hopefully my first of many entries, I will keep writing as long as this computer can still retain my lonely thoughts. One day I will manage to fulfill the Order’s legacy and boot up every rogue server we have taken over. I will spread the true knowledge of our past so that our youth will no longer have to follow these egotistical bigots. One day I will free their minds even if it means dying for the cause.

Maybe next time I will have better news of my progress, as for now; I only hope that the scavengers don’t find me sleeping in this abandoned hospital. They certainly won’t have the decency of waking me up before they splatter my brains across this floor. Until next time, may the horizon speak of endless solitude and our hearts be filled with love once again, for the shadows grow heavier underneath this toxic sky and our hearts have forgotten the ecstasy of such ordeals.



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