The Sithis Journals, entry #2

Its 10 pm, the night brings abandoned trails of hope as the moon no longer hides behind the toxicity but instead has managed to shine through the dark clouds only to reveal the abandoned hospital hallways in which I take sanctuary. Today I managed to scavenge this hospital of all the medical supplies I could get my hands on, mostly antibiotics and bandage wraps but still more then I had hoped for. I would lie if I said the thought of downing the whole bottle hasn’t slipped into my head. It would probably be a less painful way to go out than having hell hounds tear my body to shreds, but I can’t help having hope that somehow I could make this world a better place.

The hospital is a two day walk from Anuyash, the trading post centred on the diseased canals of Hell’s Waters. I hope to make it there and trade in whatever I have found for scrap parts and some water. I have learned to feed off the rats in the basement, the foul taste burns my tongue and my anti-radiation pills are running low so I’ve had to use them scarcely. They are hard to come by and most people would kill to have access to a bottle.

Before I leave for Anuyash I need to figure out a path that won’t get me killed or captured by the bandits rummaging around. I’ve seen them driving their fusion powered cars, whistling around the streets trying to find survivors they can capture and sell for slavery.

I am equipped with a laptop, some scarp computer parts, and some food which should last a couple of days if I’m careful. I need to travel light and so I’ve stored most of the hard drives with books and other forms of old world knowledge in a locker on the third floor. I only hope the scavengers don’t try to search this place again anytime soon or else the Order’s sacrifices would have been for nothing.

Tonight I will plan out my route and at the break of dawn I will make my way towards the trading post. I have learned that traveling during the day is safer due to the lack of nocturnal creatures rummaging about. If I should get captured by the bandits, and anyone manages to find this journal, the data is located in the locker 237 and the code is inside a hollowed brick in the basement hallways.

If everything goes to plan by tomorrow night I should have made it halfway to Anuyash. Until then may the horizon speak of endless solitude and our hearts be filled with love once again, for the shadows grow heavier underneath this toxic sky and our hearts have forgotten the ecstasy of such ordeals.



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